Just $1 from everyone. Imagine the potential.

Just a little bit from you, goes a long way for kids like Yolanda (pictured above). So imagine if everyone you knew donated just $1 this May.

Donate by 31 May for $1 Day and you’ll help us raise $500,000 for clean water.

Other ways to get involved

$1 day is officially on Tuesday 31 May. But you can get involved at any time throughout the month. Make a one off donation or donate a $1 a day for a week, a fortnight or even for the whole month.

Or why not host an event with your friends and family, get your local school involved or throw a casual Friday at the office?

After all, a little bit from you and your friends, goes a long way for kids like Yolanda.

Clean water saves lives and now you are too.